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Thank you for visiting our static site, these are our updated pages from our first intro to the internet. To shop for items related to what you are looking at, just click the item or the shop button to be transported to our online store. There you will find 1000's of item available from paint, tools, model cars, ships, aircrafts to Z, N, HO, Lionel and G gauge trains.

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Building Supplies

here you will find items you would need for modeling.

Balsa wood:  Balsa lumber is very soft and light, with a coarse, open grain. The density of dry balsa wood ranges from 40–340 kg/m³ (2.5–21 lb/ft³), with a typical density of about 160 kg/m³ (10 lb/ft³). The wood has a low density because it has large cells that contain water, which evaporates in a kiln over two weeks. As it is low-density but high in strength, balsa is a very popular material to use when making light, stiff structures in model bridge tests, model buildings, and for the construction of model aircraft — especially free flight model aircraft, as well as full-sized light wooden aeroplanes, most famously the World War II de Havilland Mosquito.
 All Balsa wood strips and sheets are 36 inches long and come in many different sizes, from 1/16 square up to 2 x 6 inch balsa planks. Our biggest seller is the 1/8 x 1/8 inch balsa strips that are used in schools for bridge building.

Basswood:  American basswood is a large and rapid-growing tree of eastern and central North America. The basswood tree frequently has two or more trunks and vigorously sprouts from stumps as well as seed. American basswood is an important timber tree, especially in the Great Lakes States.
All basswood strips and sheet are 24 inches long and come in many different sizes, from 1/16 square up to 2 x 6 basswood planks.

Dowel wood: Bitternut hickory wood is hard and durable, it is used for furniture, paneling, dowels, tool handles, and ladders.
All dowels are 36 inches long and come in many different sizes, from 1/16 up to 1 inch dowel rods.

Plywood sheets: Birch Plywood is a plywood with a very fine wood grain available in several different ply numbers and thicknesses. The more plys (layers) there are, the more stable the board is. Baltic Birch plywood has a finer grain than does most other plywood.
Sheets come in a variety of sizes, length are 12, 24 and 48 inch and thicknesses from 1/64 up to 1/4 inch. Plywood sizes are 6 x 12, 12 x 24 and 12 x 48.

Spruce: Spruce is useful as a building wood, commonly referred to by several different names including North American timber, SPF (spruce, pine, fir) and whitewood. Spruce wood is used for many purposes, ranging from general construction work and crates to highly specialized uses in wooden aircraft, and for building kites. The Wright brothers' first aircraft, the Flyer, was built of spruce.
All spruces strips are 36 inches long and come in a many different sizes, from 1/8 square up to 1/4 x 1/2 spruce.

Adhesives: We carry an awesome assortment of glues and adhesives. We carry plastic cement, wood cement, rubber cement, epoxies. We also carry CA glues, they come in three different formulas, along with accelerates.

Evergreen Plastics: Styrene or polystyrene plastic is used for formed plastic model cars, airplanes and boat kits, as well as for scale buildings and scratch built models. It is also used to sheath smaller scale dolls houses and is used extensively in the architectural trade to create building models. Styrene is available as clear sheets (may shrink when heat formed), white sheets and black sheets treated to withstand uv rays. Various patterns are available designed especially for scale and railroad models. Building strips and shapes as well as sheets combined with metallic finishes can also be found. Backing support may be needed for larger structures as sheet styrene bends easily.

Plastruct Shapes: Model Railroaders were the first to realize the usefullness and convenience of Plastruct Model Parts. Quickly the word spread throughout other Hobby markets such as Model Cars, Trucks, Boats and Airplanes. As time progressed, new Hobby interests such as Crafts, Military, Dollhouse and Space Ship Models found Plastruct and also realized the benefits and ease of working with our Model Parts. Products were originally developed for Engineering Models of refineries, process plants, and power plants. For this reason, Plastruct uses the highest quality Plastics and Manufacturing processes. This, in turn, produces high quality Model Parts that are easy to work with and will withstand years of use.
Plastruct has a large assortment of structural shapes and plain strips and sheets.

Tools: We carry a nice assortment of tools you would need for modeling, knives, tweezers, pliers, saws and much, much more.